Manufacture of wooden structures

Manufacture of large wooden structures.

AMA Wood manufactures different wooden building structures at its wooden house production facility. We produce glued wooden parts up to 16 m in length, we can also provide transportation services and install the parts in constructions at the building site. Different forms of cooperation are possible, both in unique and in serial construction.

Glued wooden structures as a great alternative to metallic and concrete structures.

We manufacture wooden structures with the following dimensions:


Up to 230 mm in width

Up to 1,500 mm in height

Up to 16,000 mm in lenght


Our company uses Purbond HB 530 glue produced in Switzerland according to DIN 68141 and tested at the Otto Graf Institute in Germany in the production of load-bearing wooden structures. Purbond HB 530 glue is recognised as suitable for gluing all types of wooden structures where the requirements of DIN 1052 and EN 301 (gluing of load-bearing wooden structures) have to be observed. This month, thanks to our technology and serious attitude towards our work, we will obtain a CE Certificate confirming compliance of our glued wooden construction parts with the requirements of the following standards, documentation, certification systems, types and conditions of use, and other regulations.

Single-piece wooden structures serving as the main load-bearing supports. Glued wooden structures have the following dimensions: 0.3x2.4x16m.