Manufacture of log houses

Log houses – a modern and cost-efficient technology!

The range of end products manufactured by our company includes houses made of glued logs. The logs are made from dry spruce timber with a moisture content of 12% +/- 2%. Thanks to our technology, we can manufacture log houses for various purposes in different sizes: from small summer cottages to large hotels. We use glued logs, with thicknesses varying from 60 mm to 140 mm. A glued log measures 175 mm in height. We also offer our customers double log wall systems with ECO wool insulation between the logs. We use certified glue suitable for gluing all types of wooden structures according to the requirements of EN 301 (gluing of load-bearing wooden structures) in the production of glued log houses.


Several lamellas are glued together to obtain the required cross-section and length dimensions of the glued log; this gives the product additional strength and excellent geometric shape which is preserved throughout the service life of the product. Use of glued logs to erect the walls of wooden houses helps prevent certain negative aspects associated with wooden houses, such as the subsidence and warping of walls. Before they are taken to the construction site for assembly, all structural parts of a house made from glued logs undergo pre-treatment with wood preservatives. Additionally, threaded steel rods with nuts are inserted into walls to fix the house in its position and prevent its structure from moving in any direction.