About us

20 years of experience in building wooden houses

January 2020 saw the formation of SIA AMAWOOD, a new and promising company, in a merger of several companies experienced in the construction of wooden buildings and production of wooden structures. The main production facility of the company is situated in the town of Limbazi, at the former production site of Super Bebris, a manufacturer and trademark of wooden structures once well known on the Latvian and European markets.


The team of the newly established company brings together the best experts of wooden house construction technology, architects, consultants, craftsmen, woodworkers and other professionals to continue the achievements in the industry and to provide the best experience to the cooperation partners and the new owners of houses produced by AMA Wood.

Own material production facility

Our company has a modern factory for the production of raw materials for timber-framed houses, with maximum capacity up to 10 houses a month. For our clients this means that orders will be completed on time and without unexpected delays, as can happen in the case of builders who do not have production facilities of their own and are therefore forced to rely on deliveries of materials by suppliers. We also ensure quality control for the materials produced at our production site.

Ecological concerns

Materials produced by AMA Wood are ecologically clean since they are not treated with harmful chemicals. For example, wooden frame panels are not treated with flame retardants; instead, fire safety is ensured by using fireproof plaster. In addition, timber used in the building materials makes the construction of houses by AMA Wood ecologically friendly, since the timber is obtained from the so-called sustainable forestry which pays attention to economic, social and ecological aspects and is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.